Unit Coolers

Product Overview

Refrigeration Systems (RSI) Unit Coolers are designed for product pull down and storage in warehouse cooler and freezer applications in the commercial and industrial produce refrigeration markets. These Unit Coolers are constructed of a heavy-gauge, smooth finish aluminum cabinet with a copper tube, aluminum plate fin coil, and permanently lubricated ball bearing fan motors with inherent thermal protection.

Many RSI Unit Coolers also include an insulated drain pan and an adjustable defrost termination/fan delay. These draw-through Unit Coolers are ceiling mounted and are available configured as air defrost, electric defrost or hot gas defrost.

Product Details


    • Hinged drain pan on some models
    • Adjustable defrost termination/fan delay (electric and hot gas defrost models)
    • Fin spacing at 4, 5, 6, or 8 FPI
    • Corrosion-resistant hardware
    • Heavy-gauge, smooth finish aluminum housing
    • Heavy-duty aluminum fan blades with steel hubs
    • Fan guards are heavy-gauge wire basket-type and coated for corrosion protection
    • Copper tube coils with full collared die-formed aluminum plate fin and tube sheets
    • Distributors have removable nozzles and each nozzle is sized for the specified refrigerant and temperature range
    • Prewired, thermal protected motors
    • Ceiling hung mounting configuration
    • Easy access to controls, motors, and wiring

    • Extended throw nozzles
    • Insulated drain pans
    • Heated drain pans
    • Low noise fan blades
    • Mounted non-fused disconnect switch
    • Extra legs for rack mounted applications
    • Floor mounting configurations
    • Mounted thermal or electronic expansion valve
    • Units circuited for water or glycol solutions
    • Stainless steel hardware, fasteners, and housings
    • Special motor/fan blade combinations
    • Lower operating temperatures
    • Special fin materials available for corrosive atmospheres
    • ECM motors
    • Electric or hot gas defrost
    • Mounted VFD for evaporator fan motors

    • Hot gas defrost “on the fly” for constant air flow and dehumidification processes
    • Special reheat applications
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