RSI Condensing Units

Product Overview

Refrigeration Systems (RSI) Condensing Units are specifically designed for commercial and industrial produce refrigeration applications. RSI Condensing Units are available in many different configurations, including single, dual, or multiple compressor arrangements with air-cooled or evaporative cooled systems. The benefit of such a wide variety of offerings allows RSI Condensing Units to address a wide variety of applications and load requirements.

All RSI Condensing Units are designed to operate in diverse environments including high and low ambient conditions, high altitude locations and can even be treated to operate in corrosive environments.

Product Details


    • Copeland or Bitzer compressors (scroll, reciprocating, or screw)
    • Fully assembled unit
    • Ships with dry nitrogen holding charge
    • Direct drive condenser fans
    • ETL unit certification and UL 508 listed electrical panel
    • High pressure safety
    • Low pressure operating control
    • Oil failure switch on each compressor (except scroll compressor)
    • Crankcase heater
    • Compressor and fan motor contactors
    • Separate sub-cooling circuit (for increased efficiency)
    • Compressor overload protection
    • Fan motor overload protection
    • Lift off access panels
    • NEMA 3R weatherproof electrical panel
    • Fused control circuit
    • Prewired controls
    • Compressor service valves
    • Fan staging head pressure control (+20°F)
    • Run/pumpdown switch

    • 5 to 400 tons depending on conditions of service

    • Completely enclosed fan motor for corrosive or hazardous-duty applications
    • Cylinder unloading to meet today’s part load design requirements (available only on Copeland Discus reciprocating compressors)
    • Hot gas bypass
    • Control circuit transformer
    • Alarm circuit with horn
    • Adjustable guaranteed off timer (GOT)
    • Factory wired part winding start to reduce power requirements at unit start-up
    • Factory-installed indicator lights
    • Phase failure/under voltage protection
    • Low ambient head pressure control (to -20°F)
    • Painted cabinet (enamel)
    • Corrosion resistant fin and coil coatings, including copper, acrylic, and phenolic coated fins
    • Three-valve bypass (liquid drier)
    • Disconnect switch (fused or non-fused for single point connections)
    • Refrigeration specialty packages, including suction accumulators, suction/discharge vibrasorbers, and hot gas mufflers
    • Low ambient lockout
    • Automatic lead lag to sequence compressor starts during every system cycle
    • Circuit breakers in lieu of fuses
    • Load limiting pressure stat to eliminate nuisance trips in “hot” starts
    • Compressor operation elapsed time meters
    • Microprocessor (PLC) controls that interface with common building control systems

    • Multiple compressors on a common refrigeration circuit for rack-type application
    • Parallel compressor systems to reduce field piping and installation costs
    • Ultra case coil construction
    • Corrosion resistant fin and coil coatings: Electrofin, Heresite, and Acrycoat fin stock
    • Hazardous-duty area applications
    • Corrosive atmosphere stainless steel cabinetry design
    • ECM motor options
    • Water cooled condensing units
    • Evaporative cooled condensing units
    • VFD condenser fan applications
    • Defrost control for unit coolers
    • Electric reheat on unit coolers
    • Extended leg height for ease of service
    • Microprocessor (PLC) controls that interface with common building control systems
    • Custom paint colors (enamel)
    • Circuit breakers in lieu of fuses
    • Oversized condenser coils for high ambient conditions
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