RSI Chillers
Product Details
  • Copeland Compressors (Scroll, Reciprocating or Screw)
  • Fully Assembled Unit Including Refrigerant Charge and Oil
  • Direct Drive Condenser Fans
  • Shell and Tube Evaporator with Heater Cable and Closed Cell Polyvinyl Insulation
  • Insulated Suction Line
  • ETL Unit Certification and UL 508 Electrical Panel
  • High Pressure Safety
  • Low Pressure Operating Control
  • Oil Failure Switch on Each Compressor (Except Scroll Compressor)
  • Freeze/Low Charge Control with Time Delay
  • Crankcase Heater
  • Liquid Line Shut off Valve with Charging Port
  • Sealed Core Liquid Line Drier & Sight Glass
  • Liquid Line Solenoid Valve
  • “MOP” Type Thermostatic Expansion Valve (Scroll and Reciprocating Compressor)
  • “Electronic” Type Expansion Valve with Superheat Control Board (Screw Compressor)
  • Compressor and Fan Motor Contactors
  • Separate Sub-Cooling Circuit (For increased efficiency)
  • Compressor Overload Protection
  • Fan Motor Overload Protection
  • Lift Off Access Panels
  • NEMA 3R Weatherproof Electrical Panel
  • Return Water Temperature Control
  • Fused Control Circuit
  • Prewired Controls
  • Hinged Control Panel Access
  • Compressor Service Valves
  • Fan Staging Head Pressure Control +20°F
  • Run/Pumpdown Switch
  • Flow Switch for Field Installation
Product Overview

RSI Chillers have been designed to give you flexibility, efficiency and reliability. RSI Chillers are available in many forms whether it´s air-cooled, water-cooled or even evaporative cooled with capacities up to 400 tons. We can even include a hydronics package providing you with a complete “plug and play” system.

With our comprehensive chiller line, we have a “cool” solution to meet your specific needs. No matter which form of “green” you are into- the environment, your produce or saving money, we want to be your single source for solutions!